Color Explosion Animated Theme and 6 Alerts Animated (Free)

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Glitchy and colorful! “Color Explosion”

Stream Package: Animated
Price: Free

Works for StreamLabs and StreamElements, for use on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook.

Check out the demos below.

Color Explosion Theme by OwnGraphics:
(1) Top Overlay Bar
(1) Camera Frame
(1) Event bar
(1) Starting Scene
(1) BRB Scene
(1) Ending Scene
(1) Offline
(6) Alerts

Download folder contains 1 .Overlay file, 6 animated alerts .webm files, 1 Offline .jpg file, and 1 Preview Animation to Tweet out if you’d like.


Below is a demo on how to import the stream package theme .overlay file into streamlabs obs. After you build your overlay file according to your streaming set up remember to save the .overlay file somewhere on your computer.